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Wild Fermentation in the Wild Rockies

In the Early days of exploration, long voyages across the great oceans were nearly impossible. Not because of the weather challenges, or navigation. No, the largest barrier was nutrition for crew members. Scurvy and other diseases were common. Refrigeration did not exist, and preserving food was a major challenge. Now, you may have heard of James Cook, a famed early explorer, famous for being one of the first to do long, multi-year voyages to the Americas. What allowed Captain Cook to make it all the way to the America’s, up to Alaska, and back? Improvements in navigation? A larger vessel? A superior crew? No. In fact, it was the Fermented Foods, namely Sauerkraut packed tightly into barrels, that allowed James Cook to keep his crew fed and healthy. Not only did the Sauerkraut never spoil, even on the high seas for multiple years, but it actually helped fight off sickness, disease, and other illnesses that had plagued larger crews for centuries. But in fact, this is only one account of the power of Fermentation, a sacred art form that has been passed down since the dawn of civilization, in hundreds of different forms; and turns out, you can do it too! 


Most people, when they hear the word ‘ferment,’ think about those rotten vegetables that have been left on the counter too long, or that wine that was left too long and gone sour. They think of moldy things, strong stinky smells, and in general, things that have become undesirable.

What most people don’t know is that fermented foods are a critical part of almost everyone’s diet, at least to some extent. Beer, Wine, Bread, Cheese, Pickles, Sauerkraut, yogurt… These are all examples of fermentation at work.

Personally, I believe diets across the globe are changing. And not for the better. People are busy, and therefore are eating more packaged food, more processed food, more food with pesticides and GMO’s. Not only are these foods less delicious, they also have greater environmental impact, and they are usually wiped out of almost all the micronutrients, bacteria and minerals that are so important to our health.

This is where fermentation comes in. Not only is it fun, but the many forms of fermentation can add an infinite amount of nutritional value to everyday foods, while also being delicious! If you love good food and healthy living, we are pretty sure you will want to keep reading, and start trying some of these easy home ferments in your own kitchen! In this post, we will go over our Homemade Ginger Beer, Sauerkraut and Raw Vinegar!


Technically speaking, fermentation is the process of transforming food using yeast and bacteria and their enzymes.

But what does that really mean? Well, first one must understand that there is yeast and bacteria in the air all around us, no matter where you are. It is the reason your bread goes moldy when left out. The yeast and bacteria are always looking for sugars and starches to consume, and in this consumption, they transform the food into different substances. This can be in the form of mold, acid (vinegar), or alcohol. So, when we are talking about the fermentation of foods, the key is to create a controlled environment where we can discourage the growth of bad microorganisms (like mold), and encourage the growth of good microorganisms (like probiotics, acetic acid, and alchohol).

So what are the benefits of fermented foods?

Well, we will outline the benefits of each individual ferment later in the post. But essentially there are 4  major benefits of fermenting foods. 1) For preservation (foods like Sauerkraut and pickles can last years out of the fridge without going bad), 2) increasing bio-availability of vitamins and minerals that would otherwise not be extracted or absorbed during digestion, 3) boosting our immune system and gut health through the cultivation of probiotics (aka live bacterial cultures), and 4) To create unique flavours. The miracle of alcohol production through fermentation could also be viewed as a 5th.

The Gut Biome

When you think of probiotics, most people think of yogurt. This is the best, most common example of food that contains an active bacterial culture. When we eat or drink something with an active bacterial culture, those bacteria will enter our stomach. A live culture has millions and millions of bacteria. This diversity and abundance of gut bacteria helps us digest our food, and helps fight off illnesses and sicknesses caused by spoiled or contaminated food/drinking water. The key to gut health, like any natural biome, is diversity, and abundance. Eating cultured foods help cultivate this gut health, and is maybe the oldest form of healing gastrointestinal problems and stomach aches (or avoiding them altogether).

Here’s the problem. Very few items found at the grocery store contain any live cultures. That is because for something to be considered shelf stable, it must be pasteurized. Pasteurization simply means all bacteria has been removed, by canning or heating. In Canada, we are not allowed to import any unpasteurized food products. Not only does this not good because we can’t cultivate our gut health, but furthermore, often the process of pasteurization is actually destructive towards our gut health, meaning when consumed it is actually killing the probiotics already present in our stomachs. Meaning we get sick more. Meaning we have to rely more on pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs.

The opposite of pasteurization is Raw, or unpasteurized food. That is what we are dealing with during fermentation, and incorporating more Raw foods into your diet can have a significant effect on your overall health.   

Ok, so enough with all this scientific stuff. Let talk about what we have been making up here at The Lodge!

Ginger Beer



This one is probably our favourite one so far, as it is relatively easy, delicious, and amazing for you! Essentially, all ginger beer is is a sweetened ginger liquid, with a live bacterial culture added. Once bottled in a air-tight container, the culture will begin to consume the sugars, creating carbonation as a bi-product. After a few days, you will have a yummy, bubbly, and highly nutritional drink!

The process of making Ginger Beer, as with most active ferments, begins with capturing the wild yeast and bacteria from the air. This is done by chopping up fresh ginger, and placing it in a mason jar with water and some sugar. Cover it with some sort of permeable cloth that will keep big things like flies out, but still allow yeast and bacteria to enter.

In a few days, there should be some bubbles starting to form. This means you have captured yeast and bacteria and you now have a live culture, or what is called a ‘Ginger Bug’. Once you have a Ginger Bug, you can put a lid on the jar. To keep the culture of bacteria alive, you must feed it sugar on a regular basis. We use Raw Cane sugar, but any type of sugar will work, except for honey (as honey is anti-microbial).


Once you have a live culture, you can use it to make ginger beer as many times as you like, for all of time, as long as you keep it alive by feeding it!


To actually make the beer, start by adding chopped fresh ginger to boiling water and turn down to medium. The amount of ginger depends on how strong you want your beer. Let simmer for 30 mins- however long you like. Add in sugar to desired sweetness- again, anything but honey works-  and stir in. Once the mixture has reached room temperature (the culture will die if over 115 degrees fahrenheit), add some of the Ginger Bug. Stir in the bug. At this point, it is ready to be bottled! Bottle your liquid in anything that is air tight, but be sure to put at least one in a plastic bottle, so you will be able to tell when it has reached the proper carbonation level. It should take anywhere from 2-7 days to carbonate, depending on the strength of your bug and your climate.

Ginger has powerful medicinal properties, including being an immune booster, being anti-inflammatory, and also helping to relieve pain. This drink is great if you have a sore throat, nasal congestion, or any stomach illnesses.



Sauerkraut has been newly introduced to the world as the most recent ‘Superfood’. Superfoods are foods that are incredibly high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are especially beneficial for health and well-being. Sauerkraut, in its most simple form, is two things: Cabbage and Salt.

So wait? If Cabbage is not a superfood, and everyone says salt is bad for you, how could salted cabbage be a superfood?

Enter the amazing properties of fermentation!

Cabbage is loaded to the brim with minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. The problem is, when we eat Raw cabbage, it is much more difficult to digest, and because of this, our body is not able to extract all those good things from it. It simply passes through our system and leaves the body as waste. But when we add salt, and massage the cabbage, then lock it in an airtight container to ferment, the salt breaks down the cabbage, making all those nutritional properties of cabbage bio-available to our system, which basically means we actually retain all those vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Pretty amazing! This process will also prevent the growth of mold spores, and stop the growth of unwanted bacteria, meaning it will keep out of the fridge for years and years. It will also grow stronger in flavour the longer we leave it.

The process of making Sauerkraut is so simple, you should all go and make your own batch right now! Start with a your desired amount of cabbage. Put it in bowl and add salt, approx 1 tbsp per 1 lb of cabbage. The salt essentially draws the moisture out of the Cabbage. Massage the cabbage for 10 minutes, or more, and soon the bottom of your bowl will be full of liquid. Pack the cabbage as tight as you can into a mason jar, or some sort of air tight jar, ensuring there is no air bubbles, once all the cabbage is in the jar, pour the liquid brine over the cabbage until it is completely saturated, and the cabbage is completely submerged. You will want to place a weight of some sort over the cabbage to ensure it is completely submerged in brine. As long as it is submerged in brine, the Cabbage should never go bad! Let it sit outside of fridge for 5-7 days, or until desired flavour. Put in the fridge once desired flavour is reached, which will slow down the fermentation process and prevent the cabbage from getting stronger in flavour. And with those simple steps, your newest dietary superfood!

On top of the benefits mentioned above, sauerkraut is known to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, reducing risk of heart disease, increase gut health and help upset stomachs, is known to be a fantastic cure for canker sores, and is very rich in potassium and calcium!

*It is worth noting that store bought Sauerkraut is almost always pasteurized. It is cabbage submerged in stilled vinegar, and has no active bacteria in it. It does not have any of the health benefits of Raw Sauerkraut.


Raw Apple Cider Vinegar



I’m sure many of you have heard of all the benefits of Raw Vinegar. One spoonful a day is considered by many to be one of the best nutritional routines around, and once you hear all the benefits, you’ll be running to the store to get your own (while you wait for your homemade batch to be ready!)

Making raw vinegar is very simple. The only downside is how long it must sit before actually being vinegar. You can make Raw vinegar with any type of fruit, fruit scraps, or vegetables. So it is a great, simple way to utilize scraps and turn them into something amazing! To get started, take your fruit scraps, or whole fruits/veggies (apples are a great start, but we have also done raspberry and orange), and pack them as tightly as possible into the bottom of your vessel. The more fruit you pack in the stronger the flavour of your vinegar will be. Once packed, add sugar water (roughly 1/2 cup per litre of water), and fill the vessel to the top. Note: The amount of sugar you add depends on how sweet the fruit or vegetable you are using is. Something like rasberries are very sweet, so less sugar would be required, whereas if you were using a vegetable like carrots then more sugar might be necessary.  Top with a cheese cloth, or permeable fabric of some sort. Let the sugar water and fruit sit for 6-8 days, and soon you will see some bubbles as yeast and bacteria from the air begin to lay down their roots. After 6-8 days, strain out the fruit, and return the remaining liquid back into the vessel. After that, time is all that is required to give you perhaps the most powerful natural medicine that exists! It should take anywhere from 5-8 weeks. Once it smells, and tastes like vinegar, it is vinegar!

The benefits of Raw vinegar are literally endless. Taken internally, raw vinegar will cleanse the liver, detox your whole body, help control weight, soothe and heal sore and dry throats, help preserve memory, kill parasites, increase absorbtion of minerals into the body, increase blood circulation. It is also known to help balance your energy and emotions, and increase your Chi (life force). Raw vinegar is also a powerful external medicine, soothing burns and cuts, removing toxins from insect bites, stops bleeding when applied to a cut, has anti fungal properties, and can also promote healthy skin if used on the face and body, and can also be used as a moisturizing shampoo. Raw vinegar can also be used as a fertilizer, or as a herbicide. I told you… The benefits are literally endless. All from shoving some fruit in a jar and leaving it for a couple months!


So… Time to get started!

I hope this post has inspired you all to begin experimenting, or at least begin to incorporate these amazing natural remedies into your diet. Even if you don’t have the means to make these in your own home, you can find Raw Cultured foods at your local organic store. Just be sure it is raw, and unpasteurized. We only outlined some of our favourite ferments here, but we have also been making Sourdough Bread, Pickles, Kimchi, Mustard, Mead,  and a whole assortment of other things, and we would love to have you out to the lodge to try them all out, or to purchase for yourself!

Anyways, that is all for today. Thanks for reading and reach out to us if you have any questions or need some guidance! We are happy to help!

Happy Fermenting!




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NAMASTEED: Yoga in the Wild West


One of my favorite pictures of all times…

Honeymoon 2016

Amanda packed a huge chunk of Jalapeno Havarti Cheese in her saddle bag for us to enjoy at honeymoon flats. She even packed the stone board and pretty knife to cut it.
We loved it… aaaall of it: Yoga, riding under the big Alberta sky, meditation in the mountains, incredible food , and lets not forget the company. So when we were asked to do it again, our answers was YES

Absolutely YES!

This year Namasteed “Yoga in the Wild West” is September 15th to 18th. We’ve added a day and challenged the Lodge at Panther River to blow us away, again. Feel free to look up details on facebook NAMASTEED “yoga in the Wild West”

Or check out The NAMASTEED website

Get your early bird! Pricing is valid until April 30th, 2017.

Bring your BFF, your sister, mother, cousin or come on your own, your retreat is what you make it.

Be well, Be kind and Be grateful,
Much love,
Co-Founder of NAMASTEED

Sleigh Ride and S’mores

A Wintery Day

What are you doing today?
Bundled up? It’s your 4th cup of coffee isn’t it? You’re trying to shake the chill of winter, aren’t you?

Are you hustling around in the cold Alberta weather? Scrapping your wind shield, racing to work?

Your cursing the cold aren’t you?

Can’t get anything done because your dreaming of that tropical destination, wanting to escape winter?

You don’t need to escape winter, you need to escape into winter!


Join us

January 21 2017

for all things WINTER!

11am – 3pm

Sleigh Rides & S’mores

Stop the Hustle!
Relax and sip on something hot with the brisk air on your cheeks. Take in the Mountain views on a magical sleigh ride. Make memories with your loved ones around the bon fire while you cook up some s’mores.

Adults $25
17 and under $15
5 and under FREE

Get your tickets!
Call 1 844 563 4377

Don’t forget your skates!

Take a twirl on our river side skating rink!

Escape into winter, before you get cabin fever!

See You Out On The Ice

Family Tradition

The Temperatures have dropped and the snow is flying in. This makes us excited out at the lodge. We start thinking about that special place hidden back in the mountains surrounded by swaying trees. Where the sky is so blue and air is crisp on your face.

Dormer Lake is this magical place. Where the fish jump right out of the ice. (No joke) This is where we hide out, where we spend time with family and friends building memories amongst the mountains.

It is a Safron Family tradition to bundle up the kids on Family Day and lift off for Dormer Lake. These are days best spent. We sit by the fire to cook up lunch as you hear the laughter of the children as the fish are biting.

This year we want to invite you all for an extended family day long weekend spent in the magical Rocky Mountains.


Join us this Family Day long weekend! Book our Fly in Fishing and one night in any of our beautiful log cabins and you will receive one more night on the house! Panther River delicious Signature Breakfast included!

Bring the whole family! Spend an unforgettable family day long weekend in the mountains living wild. Because family is important to us children 5 and under are free. That’s right! They fly in for a day on the lake free! I bet it will be your most exciting Alberta winter day yet!

Fly in Fishing booked on Monday February 20th
Lunch is included!
For more information or to make your reservations

Phone: 1 844 563 4377

If you want to gift the BEST family Christmas gift, you have found it!

See you on the ice!

A Christmas Special

‘Tis the Season

Did anyone else just blink and BAM! ~ it’s Christmas?

I’m sorry to tell you, but you can’t fight it. Christmas is coming and fast! The snow, the carols, the big guy in the red suit. Its coming, actually I think it’s here.

Hey you, was is it you that forgot to plan your Christmas party? Or put it off and your thinking you can’t get away with out? Well, gather your staff, gather your friends, heck gather the mother in law because we have a special that’s calling your name.


For all you party people we have a last minute Christmas/New Years Party Special for you


Book 3 or more cabins anytime from now to January 16th and get 15% off all the cabins you book. And because we love to spread Christmas cheer we aren’t charging a hosting fee! We also take requests for a special dinner to share.

An Alberta Christmas is best spent in the mountains

Our Special Event Coordinator is on stand by and ready to help you plan an unforgettable event!

Deadline to book is December 18th

For more information or to make your reservations
Phone 1 844 567 4377

What is a Dad?

Celebrate him

When he grills you fresh chicken for supper instead of letting you indulge on the cheese burger, pizza, and chocolate cake you really want, while in the OH so pleasant third trimester. You know he will be the Dad you always dreamt your kids would have. You think your mad, but deep down you know he really is only trying to help you keep your tight and toned body you say you will have in the end.

The first time he holds that tiny new born and can’t hold back the tears. You know he will love and protect that baby with every ounce of his being. He was a Dad the moment you found out that miracle would join your family.

That deep belly laugh coming from the bedroom. Only daddy can make that baby laugh like that. The endless nights sleeping in the rocking chair because baby’s chest is too tight to sleep laying down. His Daddy is the one with the heart for that. The forts, the make shift slides, the water fights, Only daddy can do that.

Peeling the crumpled little body off the ground, dusting him off, and telling him to jump back on after he just kart wheeled his dirt bike across the yard. That is a Dad. Letting them be as wild as they want, that is a Dad.

Watching every hockey or basketball game and cheering them on, even though you really don’t like the sport, that is a Dad.

Being the best damn uncle to their cousins, and friends because you know it takes a village to raise a child. Teaching them things they can only learn at your house and giving them heck when they need it, that is a Dad.

Teaching them to harvest wild game with respect and grace to feed their family, that is a Dad. Learning survival in the wild, and showing them every square inch of the backcountry, that is a Dad.

Picking them up at all hours of the night when they have had too much to drink. You have had a long week at work, but hold your tongue, that is a Dad. Saying yes to meeting her boyfriend even though you really don’t want her to date, that is a Dad. After all, it is gun cleaning day.

Wanting to give the world to your children, but knowing they need to build a life of their own. You cringe at the mistakes then jump in with helping hands, but only when they asked, that is a Dad.

Giving those grandchildren a life to remember, that is the ultimate Dad.

Loving their mom unconditionally to set the bar high for their future husbands, that is a Dad.

Here at Panther River we love all our Dads, Uncles, and Grandpa’s. We want to celebrate them!

Copy of Fathers Day BBQ

Celebrate him!
With great food and mountain views. Join us on June 19th for Father’s Day Brunch. We want to see them all! All the Dads, Uncles, Grandpas…..wild and crazy or calm, and cool. Thank you for standing tall or slightly short, for busting your butt, loving us all, and being the best damn dad’s!

Celebrate them all!
Because we love all our loyal guests, this is on us! Come celebrate and soak in the beauty with Dad, complimentary to all our year round campsite holders. Thank you for your patronage.

For reservations call 1 844 563 4377

So here’s to you!
Happy Father’s Day!

A Love Story

Say I Do

The magic of the day, the love in the air, the pretty people, the makeup, the hair. The handsome men, the tears of joy, the laughter, the memories made. It’s wedding season, and it will be here before we know it. We LOVE weddings. Who’s excited?

Since one third of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Spring is when couples are looking for a place to day I do. I just have to say, a wedding under the Alberta sky is gorgeous anywhere it is. The colors that paint the perfect portrait are astonishing. Why not add the Rocky Mountains to it. They never disappoint.

Your wedding is a celebration of the first day of your marriage, a new life built on love. It unites two beautiful souls to take on this crazy world together. What is more exciting than that? That is why weddings are so magical, and that is why we love them.

Being in the wedding business I see so many different couples. Each brought together at different times of their lives and each just as beautiful as the next. I am always thrilled to meet each couple and I love listening to their stories and their dreams for the future. I feel the love. Since everything beautiful runs on love I am always filled with happiness and joy after each wedding consult.

Choosing your wedding location is a huge deal. We get that! It sets the stage for the atmosphere you want to bring to your wedding day. At The lodge at Panther River your wedding is about celebrating you, your love, your memories, and your future. We tailor make your wedding package to suit your style and the fantasies you had as a little girl.

DSC_5515 tbw

Your wedding planning will kick off with a personal meet and greet consultation with our Wedding Coordinator. She will give you a tour of our beautiful wilderness resort so you can get a taste of what is to come for your special day. Our Wedding Coordinator will be by your side through every step of planning your wedding. This bring ease and comfort to couples to have a professional assist with all the fine details from your wedding ceremony to cutting your cake.

At The Lodge at Panther River we work closely with our exclusive wedding vendors to bring some of the best that Alberta has to offer. Starting off with make-up and hair brought to you by Faces by Nathalie. Nicole Wade Photography will capture every special moment with her exquisite eye for detail. Nothing will be missed.

Flowers are happy things. Bring more joy to your wedding day with an assortment of stunning flower options from Willow Flower Co. These ladies know how to bring elegance and style to your decor and bouquets.

Your wedding guests will be talking about your reception meal for months, brought to by The lodge at Panther River’s Farm to Fork Kitchen. We customize our reception menu to suit every couple’s taste.

Who likes to party? Or do you like to have a relaxed atmosphere? With over 15 years of experience DJ Rico will meticulously work with us to customize and plan your wedding entertainment for your exact needs. He ensures your wedding surpasses all of your expectations.

You are probably thinking ‘this is all wonderful, but will there be cupcakes?” The answer is YES! Roxanne Franczak and Sweet Delights will hit your sweet tooth in the right spot. This cake diva doesn’t just make cupcakes she makes everything right up too elaborate wedding cakes. From chocolate sin to sophisticated diva she has a cake flavour to suit everyone’s palate.

All of this will be happening with help of Special event rentals. From wedding tents to decor these guys have us cover.

Since we are a one stop wedding shop all of these vendors will be booked through your wedding coordinator. You only have the decisions to make and she will put your plan into action.

Creating your dream is up to you, making it reality is up to us

At The lodge at panther River we don’t want you to have just an ordinary wedding. We love to bring special touches to make each couple’s day unique. Arrive to your ceremony in a horse drawn carriage, or load up the whole bridal party in our covered wagons.

Have a wedding meant for your dreams and say I do on top of the world. Fly you and your guests to a remote location by helicopter. Yes, this dream can be reality. It can’t get more memorable than that.

So what are you love birds waiting for?! Drop us a line and inquire about Your Panther River Wedding.

And for all you men crazy in love, I hope she says yes!

The Fever

Spring is in the air

Think of water flowing down the river valley and the smell of earth as the snow melts. It’s an exciting feeling. The birds will chirp, the grizzly’s will roam, and we will start to see new fawns springing across meadows. Can you say pretty bird?

Spring is almost here and we can feel it in the air. As the sun warms up we get spring fever. I dream of days spent on mountain tops and evenings with my feet in the river.

To celebrate leaving winter behind we have a special offer for you to wake up in the Mountains to Spring Equinox

Spring Fever 2

Our First Day of Spring Sale is for the night of March 19th 2016. Get $40 off your cabin and give a warm welcome to Spring in the mountains with us.

To make your reservation call The Lodge at 1 844 563 4377

So tell me, do you have Spring Fever yet?

The Fire Within… Her – Part Two


The Fire Within… Her

Izzy’s yoga teachings come from a strong sense of awareness and deep body work experience. Her voice guides you through a safe and fluid practice, anchoring your soul to the movement of your physical being. It is so deep. You have to experience it, at least once. She needs to share this gift!

When Izzy reached out and asked if she could bring her magic to The Lodge it was an instant YES!… OOOOH YES! She is teaming up with Stephanie Cullen with Blissful Energy Yoga to bring you the ultimate girlfriend weekend!

Namasteed Poster

We are calling on all adventuresome Yoginis and Cowgirls of all ages and abilities to invited you to join us for this all-inclusive, fun filled weekend of health, wellness and relaxation centered on horseback riding, gentle yoga, healthy farm to fork gourmet dining, and deep relaxation along the Panther River.

What is included in your retreat:
– Welcoming mimosas!
– Rustic and quaint log cabin accommodations.
– 3 Farm to Fork gourmet meals per day.
– Gentle yoga practices.
– Meditations amongst breathtaking scenery.
– Horseback riding with trail boss.

Bringing these two incredible ladies together to share what they love will be so powerful you can not miss this! You do not need to be a yogi or a cowgirl to attend! Come, put yourself out there, something beautiful will come if it, I promise.

For more information check out:

NAMASTEED: Yoga & Horse Back Riding Retreat

To book your spot call Izzy at 403 636 0794


The Fire Within…Her

…or was it the laugh?

2007 was the year and Isabelle Guilbault was her name. A life long friendship blossomed on the banks of the Panther River when we met. She was a Panther River employee full of spunk, zest for life, and this crazy infectious laugh. Running on dreams and green tea, we were a pair with a passion for adventure and a love for freedom… or was it a love for the mountains? I can’t quite remember, but we were on fire.

Isabelle was so deeply spiritual it shone with this amazing light. She never pushed it on anyone but it sunk into me deeply, even at such a young age. She is the reason I began to practice yoga and began my journey of self reflection and self love. Introducing me to friends who were pure magic, along the way, Isabelle loved to share her love for life. It has been an incredible ride.

Everyday was an adventure, and we never stopped laughing. She taught me many things about friendship that still stick. She even taught me how to make the strangest concoction for this delicious wholesome soup I still make to this day. I know if this was Isabelle writing this she could tell you 1000 stories about her time at the lodge. We laughed, we cried, she learnt things that I’m sure you could only learn hanging with the Safron’s. There was never a dull moment with Isabelle in the lodge, even our guests knew it.

With her Insane love for the mountains and horses I knew why she was so drawn to a job with us. But with so much drive and an intense calling for something deeper and more spiritual it wasn’t long before she set out on her own path and started Healing Hand Wellness and Yoga.

Healing Hand Wellness - Full Wheel

She loves to be called Izzy and with her crazy hair and joy full voice you can see why the name is so fitting. Izzy came to Alberta in 2002 from Montreal in the name of love and stayed because I felt like home. She has been on a crazy ride since. With different business ventures along the way she has truly found her calling with Healing Hand Wellness and Yoga and Beaver Creek Massage and Retreats. With over 15 years of experience being a Registered Massage Therapist she has a complete understanding of the body and brings this to her everyday life and even her yoga classes.

Izzy teaches yoga because she believes the body can heal itself. She says if we can create balance and harmony within it; at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level the healing will naturally occur.

There will be so much coming to The Lodge at Panther River with Izzy and her ladies at Healing Hand Wellness and Yoga. Some of which include message and private yoga sessions. But what we are most excited about is what is coming next. I will dish all the details next time so stay tuned for The Fire Within Her – Part Two… coming soon.
The Fire Winthin… Her – Part Two

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