One of my favorite pictures of all times…

Honeymoon 2016

Amanda packed a huge chunk of Jalapeno Havarti Cheese in her saddle bag for us to enjoy at honeymoon flats. She even packed the stone board and pretty knife to cut it.
We loved it… aaaall of it: Yoga, riding under the big Alberta sky, meditation in the mountains, incredible food , and lets not forget the company. So when we were asked to do it again, our answers was YES

Absolutely YES!

This year Namasteed “Yoga in the Wild West” is September 15th to 18th. We’ve added a day and challenged the Lodge at Panther River to blow us away, again. Feel free to look up details on facebook NAMASTEED “yoga in the Wild West”

Or check out The NAMASTEED website

Get your early bird! Pricing is valid until April 30th, 2017.

Bring your BFF, your sister, mother, cousin or come on your own, your retreat is what you make it.

Be well, Be kind and Be grateful,
Much love,
Co-Founder of NAMASTEED

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