Celebrate him

When he grills you fresh chicken for supper instead of letting you indulge on the cheese burger, pizza, and chocolate cake you really want, while in the OH so pleasant third trimester. You know he will be the Dad you always dreamt your kids would have. You think your mad, but deep down you know he really is only trying to help you keep your tight and toned body you say you will have in the end.

The first time he holds that tiny new born and can’t hold back the tears. You know he will love and protect that baby with every ounce of his being. He was a Dad the moment you found out that miracle would join your family.

That deep belly laugh coming from the bedroom. Only daddy can make that baby laugh like that. The endless nights sleeping in the rocking chair because baby’s chest is too tight to sleep laying down. His Daddy is the one with the heart for that. The forts, the make shift slides, the water fights, Only daddy can do that.

Peeling the crumpled little body off the ground, dusting him off, and telling him to jump back on after he just kart wheeled his dirt bike across the yard. That is a Dad. Letting them be as wild as they want, that is a Dad.

Watching every hockey or basketball game and cheering them on, even though you really don’t like the sport, that is a Dad.

Being the best damn uncle to their cousins, and friends because you know it takes a village to raise a child. Teaching them things they can only learn at your house and giving them heck when they need it, that is a Dad.

Teaching them to harvest wild game with respect and grace to feed their family, that is a Dad. Learning survival in the wild, and showing them every square inch of the backcountry, that is a Dad.

Picking them up at all hours of the night when they have had too much to drink. You have had a long week at work, but hold your tongue, that is a Dad. Saying yes to meeting her boyfriend even though you really don’t want her to date, that is a Dad. After all, it is gun cleaning day.

Wanting to give the world to your children, but knowing they need to build a life of their own. You cringe at the mistakes then jump in with helping hands, but only when they asked, that is a Dad.

Giving those grandchildren a life to remember, that is the ultimate Dad.

Loving their mom unconditionally to set the bar high for their future husbands, that is a Dad.

Here at Panther River we love all our Dads, Uncles, and Grandpa’s. We want to celebrate them!

Copy of Fathers Day BBQ

Celebrate him!
With great food and mountain views. Join us on June 19th for Father’s Day Brunch. We want to see them all! All the Dads, Uncles, Grandpas…..wild and crazy or calm, and cool. Thank you for standing tall or slightly short, for busting your butt, loving us all, and being the best damn dad’s!

Celebrate them all!
Because we love all our loyal guests, this is on us! Come celebrate and soak in the beauty with Dad, complimentary to all our year round campsite holders. Thank you for your patronage.

For reservations call 1 844 563 4377

So here’s to you!
Happy Father’s Day!

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