Escape With The Happy Hippie

I was in need of something. I just didn’t know it. As I was scrolling through my phone something quickly caught my eye. It was a photo of the most gorgeous, empowering women I have ever seen. I instantly thought…who is that?? Obviously intrigued I read more…Freda Lundberg – The Happy Hippie. She was doing a mala making workshop at my friends yoga studio in my home town. I had to go. Luckily there was a spot left open. I took it.

I was pumped. I get to spend 4 hours in a studio learning from this fascinating women, and I hadn’t even met her yet. Arriving at the studio I was greeted in the usual way, with the hugest glowing smile and a feeling full of love. I settled in on my mat full of excitement. Freda – she did not disappoint. The moment she opened her mouth to introduce herself and what she does I felt humbled, refreshed and positive that this mala making workshop was just what I needed. I knew she had to do a retreat with us.

I finally had time to contact Freda and as soon as she answered her phone we were instant friends. She has a light about her you that draws you in. A busy mom and wife who leads an amazing lifestyle and still runs the business of her dreams. How do you find that balance? I have learnt from her that it’s all within you, she will teach us. We spent an hour on the phone and decided we were going for it. We met for lunch, learnt about each other, shared juicy life stories, and hashed out the details.

Empowering Women Retreat

Have you ever wondered what those beautiful, long, beaded necklaces are that so many yogi’s wear? Those are mala’s. Freda will dive deeper than ever before into teaching her students about their origins, how to use them in meditation and everyday life. The workshop will start off with a deep chakra balancing. Don’t know what chakra’s are? That’s ok! That is what this workshop is about – learning. We will even get to make our own mala’s and learn about chakras and gemstones associated with these energy centres.

As a special offer, for the first time ever Freda will show us and share her recipes for her amazing all-natural spa products. We will even be using them and taking some home! What else can the Happy Hippie do? You will have to join us to find out!

Taste of the Weekend

One of the most empowering things about taking part in a retreat is building friendships and having soul-full discussion. We will be doing this while enjoying the wild beauty that The Lodge at Panther River has to offer. We will be indulging in whole foods made for you in house from Panther River’s farm to fork kitchen. Does it get much better than that?

Since this retreat is held on mother’s day weekend we have designed the schedule to focus on empowering women. You do not need to be a mom to attend. We want to bring women from all walks of life together to escape, balance, and empower.

I bet you’re so excited and want to know how much this incredible weekend will be. We have a special price for this weekend only! We will not have this getaway this low again!

Retreat Pricing

The cost of the retreat includes your accommodations, all your nourishing meals, both workshops with the Happy Hippie, and all of the surprises along the way. Prices vary on cabin occupancy. You can’t beat this price!

So what are you waiting for?! Call the girls, call your mom, come solo, or give a gift and meet us in the wild for an unforgettable weekend of empowering women.

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For more information on Empowering Women Retreat or to reserve your spot call 1 844 563 4377 or email

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