…or was it the laugh?

2007 was the year and Isabelle Guilbault was her name. A life long friendship blossomed on the banks of the Panther River when we met. She was a Panther River employee full of spunk, zest for life, and this crazy infectious laugh. Running on dreams and green tea, we were a pair with a passion for adventure and a love for freedom… or was it a love for the mountains? I can’t quite remember, but we were on fire.

Isabelle was so deeply spiritual it shone with this amazing light. She never pushed it on anyone but it sunk into me deeply, even at such a young age. She is the reason I began to practice yoga and began my journey of self reflection and self love. Introducing me to friends who were pure magic, along the way, Isabelle loved to share her love for life. It has been an incredible ride.

Everyday was an adventure, and we never stopped laughing. She taught me many things about friendship that still stick. She even taught me how to make the strangest concoction for this delicious wholesome soup I still make to this day. I know if this was Isabelle writing this she could tell you 1000 stories about her time at the lodge. We laughed, we cried, she learnt things that I’m sure you could only learn hanging with the Safron’s. There was never a dull moment with Isabelle in the lodge, even our guests knew it.

With her Insane love for the mountains and horses I knew why she was so drawn to a job with us. But with so much drive and an intense calling for something deeper and more spiritual it wasn’t long before she set out on her own path and started Healing Hand Wellness and Yoga.

Healing Hand Wellness - Full Wheel

She loves to be called Izzy and with her crazy hair and joy full voice you can see why the name is so fitting. Izzy came to Alberta in 2002 from Montreal in the name of love and stayed because I felt like home. She has been on a crazy ride since. With different business ventures along the way she has truly found her calling with Healing Hand Wellness and Yoga and Beaver Creek Massage and Retreats. With over 15 years of experience being a Registered Massage Therapist she has a complete understanding of the body and brings this to her everyday life and even her yoga classes.

Izzy teaches yoga because she believes the body can heal itself. She says if we can create balance and harmony within it; at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level the healing will naturally occur.

There will be so much coming to The Lodge at Panther River with Izzy and her ladies at Healing Hand Wellness and Yoga. Some of which include message and private yoga sessions. But what we are most excited about is what is coming next. I will dish all the details next time so stay tuned for The Fire Within Her – Part Two… coming soon.
The Fire Winthin… Her – Part Two

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