The Winter Spirit

Everyone has their favourite season. There is magic found in each one. That’s why it’s so hard to choose just one favourite. At the Lodge at Panther River, we love every season too. But we’re particularly fond of Winter…when the wonderland blanket of white snow covers the gorgeous Canadian rockies. When the air gets cold so we can dress cozy, warm & all wrapped up.

When the seasons change, that chill in the air brings you back to childhood. There is always a memory that stands out in your mind when the seasons change. In the Fall for me, it’s the smell of the earth changing to get ready for winter. The landscapes of magical colors and walking through crisp leaves on the ground. I can hear those leaves even now, that memory never fades. The feeling of Winter approaching, time begins slowing down. It’s a beautiful thing that each year we get to ease our pace as our hair is blown back in the cool breeze…feeling wild and free. It is so peaceful, and quiet. Everyone needs a little bit more of that ease from nature.

As December rolls around new memories also come to mind. The excitement the snow brings, the feeling of family, friends, and community coming together, the playfulness in the snow you may have had as a child shines through even as an adult. It’s the winter spirit – the Christmas/Holiday Spirit coming to life.

At The Lodge at Panther River, we stay open in these cold months to bring that Holiday spirit to our lodge. This Christmas we are thrilled to be fully booked with families coming to enjoy the winter wonderland in the Panther Valley. What is better way than having Christmas breakfast served to you in your private cabin as you spend precious time with your loved ones. Followed by an afternoon lacing up the skates for a tour around our skating rink. Your family can also roasts marshmallows nearby on a roaring fire. Hear the sleigh bells ringing through the mountain air as the horses trot through the snow for an epic sleigh ride just for your family. The experiences that fill our Winters here at the Lodge at Panther River are something made of dreams. If this is a Christmas you’re dreaming of call us at the Lodge, we’d love to book your family’s 2017 Christmas Magic Special. Our phone is right here on the site.

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Imagine this….you arrive at the Lodge with a special Panther River gift awaiting you in your cabin. The excitement and wonder in each of your family member’s eyes! We don’t forget about Santa’s love of desserts on his Christmas journey either! Bring your special coupon into the Lodge for your very own cookie building kit to make personalized cookies for Santa. Its all apart of the Panther River Winter Wonderland experience. And it’s OK if you eat some of the cookies…. we won’t tell Santa! I’m sure Santa will be thirsty too. so make sure to ask for a glass of milk too for the kids to leave out with their delicious masterpieces. Tuck those bundles of love in for the night with a read from The Night Before Christmas. With all of our delectable meals made in-house, you can take the family time you need and not worry about cooking. We have got everything you need and all of your holiday bases covered. Make your Christmas Magical… Make memories that last by joining us at The Lodge at Panther River next year.

At the Lodge, we love the calmness the snow brings to the mountains. And we offer more than just overnight Christmas packages, we have a variety of Winter Wonderland delights for the whole family of all ages. Come explore the snow capped Rocky Mountains in gorgeous Alberta, Canada with us for an adventurous Winter’s getaway all of your own design.

Watch a blanket of snow sparkle in the sunlight as you snowshoe through a serene mountain meadow. And if you listen oh – so – carefully, the silence is beautiful. And healing. A joyful holiday treat!

Lift off with one of our mountain helicopter pilots to explore a frozen mountain lake for a true Canadian experience – ice fishing. Bring the family for a unforgettable day on the ice. And your tummy will be full with delicious food, laughter and your heart will be full of memories. Its part of winter life at the Lodge at Panther River, it’s a phenomenal way to celebrate being Canadian in our glorious nature.

We invite you to our backyard where we don’t just go inside to stay warm when the snow flies in, we build a roaring fire to make memories for years to come with friends and family. Pull up a chair, we’ll bring the hot chocolate, join us for a Winter adventure at the Lodge at Panther River soon. Cheers!

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