A new and improved Lodge at Panther River

It’s a feeling in the mountain air and the sound of the River waters. The moment you arrive near Panther River- you feel the natural vibe of being amongst the wilderness. Your soul remembers it is a part of something far greater than just yourself. You feel completely grounded yet you’re almost floating from the lightness – with the city chaos behind you, and nothing but the quiet stillness all around you. At The Lodge at Panther River you can be yourself, you can allow in the happiness, the joy, and the rush of being free. You can be wild here.

We’ve build our home on the banks of the Panther River. We welcome our loyal guests and our new friends who’ve only just discovered our magic to a new chapter at The Lodge. We haven’t changed, we have just gotten better. We have expanded our vision of service to all of you.

We have put our heart and soul into the newly renovated Lodge and Cafe, and its expressed all over this new website. With our new packages and adventures to explore the valley, we are thrilled to present you our fresh-new website to show you all of the wonders of Alberta, Canada that the Lodge offers.

At The Lodge at Panther River, you will find that our traditional log cabins and unique main lodge are just the beginning. We have accommodations to suit everyone’s style …. even your horse! Relax in a delightful private cabin while listening to the Panther river flow by your window. Or gather up your family for a fun filled getaway into nature. Because we are family owned and operated, we pride ourselves in bringing the comfort of home through all of our specialized services throughout your stay.

With our recent renovations, The Lodge is looking better than ever. By the hearth of our new & improved fireplace, curl up with a book to unwind from an active day. Our wonderful The Rusted Rock Cafe staff will fill your belly with a hearty homemade meal that can satisfy every one of our hunter’s hunger. We proudly serve the best of Alberta directly to your plate. With food grown locally and products made naturally nearby, you know exactly what you are eating and how far it traveled to get to your fork. The Lodge at Panther River always knows exactly where our ingredients come from and we share that trust with you, our beloved guests.

The Lodge offers more than just accommodations and lodging, we offer the full back-country experience. With our new website and our resort’s focus in 2016 & beyond being to show you our best kept secrets all over Alberta and in our Valley. The Panther River family can take you where you never thought you could go in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. You will breath deeper and see the naked beauty of this world through the Canadian nature. Not many get to see this sublime beauty with no filter, let us invite you to The Lodge at Panther River and show you.

Something for everyone is what you will find when you visit us. Whether you are from the city or from a back-country of your own, you will embark on an unforgettable experience to the Panther Valley that will always call you back for future exploration. Our new website lays out all of our extraordinary Packages created with just you in mind and they are easy to find & book.

Please enjoy the stunning photography by Nicole Wade Photography. You can see the real experience and what it is like to be here through the amazing photographs that capture our essence. We want to send a warm thank you to Nicole! The Lodge is so proud and grateful for her contribution. Check out her work! She also is available for Weddings at The Lodge at Panther River.

Come explore our majestic atmosphere, live life with no boundaries, lose yourself in the wilderness and truly find yourself. We invite and welcome you on a new adventure to escape with us into The Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Find what speaks to your soul on our property, feel free to contact us. We love to customize adventures for visitors needs, wants and dreams.

Find your ultimate Canadian vacation at The Lodge at Panther River.

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